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youtube will dominate streaming

Youtube will dominate the livestreaming market

Youtube is going to dominate the streaming industry, becoming the most viewed livestreaming platform compared to twitch, mixer, facebook and beyond, combined. I know, I sound crazy. But let me explain why.

Twitch’s total net worth as of writing this is US$3.79 billion. This is about 4 times more than what Amazon paid. Pretty impressive! Although twitch still does not actually make money. Keep in mind, twitter to this day has also not made a profit.

Youtube just last year (2019) generated $15 billion in revenue. In a new surprise move, Google revealed Youtube’s profits for the first time. Their dominance in the online content creation realm is unmatched. In the live streaming market Youtube alone holds 30% live viewer market share, compared to twitch’s 60%, facebook’s 4%, and Mixer’s 3%.

Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world. By simply adding livestreams to default search results they would give livestreamers on their platform massive exposure. Do a Youtube search and take a look at all the empty space on the right hand side of the page (on PC of course). Imagine if Youtube put livestreams that were relevant to searches in this space. They could easily do this.

Twitch does not have a massive search engine and user base from another product to piggyback off. Yes they are owned by Amazon, which is a insanely massive tech company. But they do not have the content capabilities and infustructure that Google has. Twitch garners most of their user base by being the only place in the world that was massively streaming esports events. Esports events pull massive viewership numbers and twitch was and is a place to do that.

Youtube signed exclusive deals for overwatch and CoD esports broadcasting, essentially going for the jugular. Youtube has also been buying streamers and locking them into exclusive deals. Streamers such as LazarBeam, Muselk, Valkyrae, and industry famous CouRage. These exclusive deals combined with the most advanced ad delivery platform in the world, google ads, the most advance ai content delivery platform in the world, equal absolute dominance if they want it. And I think they want it.




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