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YouTube Partnership Program Changes – Losing Partner

A lot of people including myself (for my second channel nobody knows about), were recently met with an email notification from YouTube announcing new updates to the YouTube Partnership Program (YPP), which has removed a vast amount of YouTubers from the program, essentially completely removing their ability to allow advertisements on their videos via Google Adsense. Many people are very angry about this, not including myself, let me explain why.

YouTube Partnership Program


YouTube Controversy

YouTube has been met with quite a bit of controversy the past few years, including the Adpocalypse, Adpocalypse 2.0, Jake Paul, creepy videos targeting children via YouTube Kids, and beyond. As a business owner myself, I can only imagine how stressful these challenges are for a company that relies on a vast userbase that usually does not understand why some decisions, even very unpopular ones, need to be made.

The latest decision to raise the requirements to become a “YouTube Partner” is a good idea in theory to combat malicious accounts from gaming the advertising system. I agree with the move and am eager to see how advertisers react to this. My reasoning behind supporting this move is because it is advertiser friendly. Many large advertisers with massive annual advertising budgets have been pulling their ads from the YouTube platform, which is bad for both YouTube and YouTubers alike. It’s less money being pumped into the ecosystem, which means less money to go around, which means getting paid less for your efforts. YouTube understands this, as their business model is advertising on videos, and they are making moves to stimulate advertisers into coming back to the platform and increasing their budgets. We need to support YouTube’s attempts to get advertisers to come back. Plain and simple.

Entitlement on YouTube

I have witnessed among many of my YouTuber friends, a sense of entitlement with advertisements, and a belief that advertisers should be forced to advertise on their channel, even if the content goes against what an advertiser would want their ads to be associated with. Let me be very clear. Forcing someone to advertise on your content when they don’t want to is wrong. They are the customer, you are one of millions of platforms they can advertise on. If you want someone to pay you to be advertised, you need to meet their requirements, or else they will go to someone else who is willing to play by their rules. Forcing a company to pay to advertise on content they don’t want to be associated with is immoral and wrong. Imagine if someone dictated how you spend your own hard earned money, no matter how much you disagree with spending it how they want you to.

YouTube is a Business

Channels that are part of the¬†YouTube Partnership Program that generate revenue are also businesses. The advertisers spending money advertising on your videos are businesses. In business, at least in my experiences, businesses tend to do business with who they like and who is beneficial, and not with people/entities who they don’t like, and who are not beneficial. It’s just business. And if you are trying to make a living on YouTube, you need to realize the realm of business and how you fit into the YouTube ecosystem. You need to be able to evolve and change with the platform, because it will never stay the same. It will always change. And those willing to change with the platform are the ones who will succeed, and the ones who do not change with the platform will be the ones who fail.

Harsh words, I know, but true. YouTube is not a video game, or a school or any other form of institution. YouTube and it’s advertisers do not do not owe you anything. They can choose not to work with you. It’s a dog eat dog ruthless business world where everyone is trying to do better than you. It’s competitive. It’s wondrous. It’s a business, one that is very fun to play in. And if you want to win, you better be ready to work, because YouTube is not handing out Partnerships like candy anymore, and is being more selective with who they want to do business with, so they can continue making themselves and their YouTube partners money with solid business relationships with large advertisers.

People, YouTube Partnership Program is not hard to achieve!

Now to be specific about the requirements:

  • Your channel must reach 4,000 hours watched in a 12 month period
  • You must have at least 1000 subscribers

I read a reddit post the other day with someone complaining about after 10 years of being on YouTube, their partnership was removed. So this person is saying that after 10 years on YouTube, they have not been able to reach 4,000 hours watched in the past year? I am going to be quite frank about that situation: That individual needs to either quit Youtube altogether, or stop worrying about the 5 dollars per year he is going to miss out on ($5 that he would not be able to withdraw because Google has a $100 threshold). Even the smallest channel with less than 100 subs can create a single hit video that will meet YouTube Partnership Program requirements, each year. I’ve done it with many videos, where 90% of the views are from an outside source.

If you can’t meet the YouTube Partnership Program requirements, no matter how many videos you upload, you need to take a hard look at what you are doing wrong and figure out why people are not watching your creations.

With all that said…

I am indeed pretty blunt and often am mean with how I explain my opinions, however I am not a complete asshole, and would be more than happy to look at anyone’s youtube channel and give you my feedback. I will not pat you on the back and lie to you. I will tell you exactly what I think is wrong, and what I think you can do to improve, which is exactly what I expect of anyone giving me any form of critique. If you found this article a bit enraging but also helpful and insightful, please feel free to reach out to me however you want so I can help. The only reason why this article exists is to help people think about the YouTube changes in a more realistic and positive light, so they can improve their channels and get that YouTube Partnership Program back.

I love you all,



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