Why Space Engineers IS a Minecraft Clone

After I wrote my opinion piece titled “My Opinion on Minecraft Clones”, which essentially praised the existence of clones and their being responsible for making block building games an entire genre, the Space Engineers community got rather upset with my choice of vocabulary. They don’t want their game to be identified for what it truly is, a Minecraft clone.

Today I am going to explain why Space Engineers is indeed a Minecraft clone. People can try to argue against it by calling it a “unique block building game”, “not a clone but inspired by Minecraft” or “a block building, resource gathering, tool building, survival adventure randomly generated terrain game that is nothing like Minecraft”, but at the end of the day, the core game mechanics of Space Engineers are obviously copied from Minecraft, and the very idea of the game was likely inspired by the financial success of Minecraft. It’s the way it is, plain and simple.

Does that make Space Engineers a bad game or unoriginal? Absolutely not. Space Engineers is very entertaining and has many unique gameplay elements that stem away from Minecraft. The most notable being that it is of course in space, and you can build pilotable ships that can destroy each other dynamically. Flying through space in your newly constructed mega-ship searching for asteroids so you can expand your fleet is pretty cool, and a unique take on the resource gathering, block building genre that Minecraft pioneered.

But I digress. Space Engineers is my favorite block building type game. It reinvigorated my love for this style of gameplay for me and at any moment I can fire up the game, and get lost in its creative environment for hours upon hours. The developers of this game are super talented and dedicated to their creation, which really sets apart Space Engineers from all other minecraft clones.

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  • March 1, 2018

    Fortnite is a game where you gather resources and build on a grid system, clearly a Minecraft clone
    Any voxel based survival sandbox = Minecraft clone
    you are literally calling anything in a game genre a minecraft clone

  • October 19, 2015

    Some fair points and comments on this article, however there is a sandbox/open world trend booming for the last couple of years with “Clones” such as ARK, Reign of kings, Space engineers and many, many other games that all follow the same building/survival aspects. All these games have their pros and cons.

    It’s a genre that is going to be around for a while I would imagine.

    Nice write up.

  • Bob
    September 7, 2015

    You are wrong

      • 602
        September 7, 2015

        You didn’t post an opinion, the title of this article is literally “WHY SPACE ENGINEERS IS A MINECRAFT CLONE”. ‘Is’. root verb ‘to be’, is objective, not subjective. Space Engineers is objectively not a Minecraft clone, and your title is factually false.

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