Why a lot of streamers are not getting attention


I see many streamers online that struggle to get enough people to care about their stream. Typically their viewers consist of friends and family, or none at all. They put in the hours, they have all the latest effects and features you can expect of a streamer, they have all the social media, discord, etc. But still nobody watches.


I think many creative streamers seem to misunderstand what “entertainment” really is. People are attracted to streamers who make them feel good about themselves. It’s not to worship the performer, or simply because they are impressed you did a thing. If you make them feel good, they will associate you with good feelings, and that is the basis of attraction. That’s when you get fans and begin to build a community. Focus on your people, learn about them, their lives. Make them the center of everything you do. Be magnetic.

If what you’re making, and your brand sense-tone don’t make people feel cool, or feel good about their own life, then that’s on you. It would be like having sex and completely focusing on getting yourself off, then being surprised the other person wasn’t super into it.

I think for real, most people’s streams as they develop their craft doesn’t even make them feel good. The thing that makes them feel good about it is that they established something and worked out technical details. They bought some new fancy equipment that makes them feel more like a streamer. Get over yourself, get out of your own head. It is not all about you. The opposite is true. You are putting on a show for other people, so they can gasp and applaud and be shocked and teased and rewarded. Whether you like it or not you are trying to be a successful entertainer: priority number one is make the audience feel something good, they will like you for it.

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