Valorant 10 Mans Bot – WIP

Since the VALORANT beta we have seen a lot growth and commotion around our 10 mans program. For those who do not know what that is, its basically custom 5v5 VALORANT matches hosted in our discord. They have become extremely popular and we have decided to build a bot to help automate the process, allowing us to expand them even bigger! Teaming up with my good friend DaltonCodes, we are already well into development and have begun testing a queuing system.

After release, we expect a lot of people to utilize this bot and make the Game Rebel discord server their home. This is going to be a big release for our community!

Our 10 mans bot will have a whole plethora of features and events including but not limited to:

  • Fully fledged elo and ranking system.
  • Comprehensive online player stats to monitor your growth.
  • High level players to compete with and learn from.
  • Automated queuing system supporting multiple lobbies at once.
  • Streamer content support.
  • Weekly tournaments for prizes.

We also plan on releasing many more features and making a version of Game Rebel 10 mans bot available to all discord servers! We are looking for more people to get involved whether its as simple as being a tester, a 10 mans host, or helping us code. If you would like to check out where we are at so far please visit our discord and seek out Dalton or PapaStanimus.

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