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Twitch Staff Hassan Bokhari Banned / Fired

Twitch Staff member with title “Accounts Director, Strategic Partnerships”has been banned and fired from twitch, after a several month investigation into sexual misconduct. Back in June twitch streamer Vio shared her story on twitter detailing Hassan’s sexual manipulation.


Twitch has been dead silent on this issue since it broke, and oddly, many twitch staff has not tweeted much, or anything at all since June, including Hassan.

“We take these accusations extremely seriously, and we engaged a reputable third party firm to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation into the allegations,” a Twitch spokesperson said. “While it is our policy to keep individual employment information confidential, the investigation has concluded and we have taken action in accordance with the investigators’ findings.”

Vio explained in her twitlonger that Hassan found her twitch channel and used his status with twitch to lure her into DM’s, and even meeting in person. Promising stays at expensive hotels and giving access to Partnership with twitch, which is a highly sought after status streamers strive to achieve.

“He would try everything to get me alone with him, whether it was in a room or an empty hall, and when he did, he would try to get physical,” she wrote of a pattern that began at PAX East 2015. “I would immediately shy away and tell him no, which he would never respect… Eventually he managed to pressure me into oral sex. By PAX West 2015, he managed to pressure me into sex. I said no more times than I can count, but each time Hassan took no as ‘convince me.’”

One must wonder why twitch has taken so long to act on this situation when it comes to staff, but when it’s a content creator on their platform the action is instant. With this happening at the same time as the DrDisrespect ban, it has been quite the strange summer for Twitch.

And for some lighthearted news, the NBA during OKCvsHOU Game 7 played DrDisrespect’s “Allyways” during the game. Not the biggest news, but its super cool. You can’t stop THE DOC!

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