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twitch sees massive coronavirus growth

Twitch See’s Massive Growth During Corona Virus Pandemic

Twitch has seen massive viewership gains since the pandemic began, and I can attest to this from personal experience. And its not only viewers, an incredible amount of people have began streaming now that they are spending so much more time at home. From the beginning of the pandemic until June, 5 billion hours were watched on twitch. This is 60% higher than the same period in 2019, which also a massive year for twitch.

Facebook gaming and Youtube live have also both seem tremendous growth this year, and now with the demise of Mixer, even more content creators will be joining the remaining services, further strengthening growth. Facebook being the fastest growing service in the market, however is dwarfed by twitch and youtube in overall market share.

Livestreaming is here to stay, and is only getting bigger and bigger. As more countries around the world begin to livestream, we will see incredible and exciting changes to the landscape of streaming. New personalities, new forms of content, new applications.

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