Twitch Prime advert changes – Why this is a good thing, for streamers


Twitch Prime members on twitch will soon be losing their site-wide advert-free experience in September, and many people, understandably are very upset. Nobody wants to see ads, and scaling back already existing paid for features only makes the feeling worse. However, for streamers this new change could end up being a good thing.

With the new changes, Twitch Prime members will no longer have site-wide ad-free viewing and instead ads will now be removed on a per stream basis when subscribed. This means that instead of having no ads site-wide, ads are removed only from streams you are subscribed to. While this is upsetting to many currently, the move does bring benefits to streamers with subscription buttons.

Simply put, this provides more value per subscription. Along with these changes come new features that give streamers more control over ads on their channels, including the option not to have them displayed at all (partners only). Making streamer subscriptions more valuable to viewers is very important and only the position of streamers, however with the strong online dissatisfaction with losing site-wide ad-free experiences, it’s likely twitch is reconsidering their decision. We will see what happens in the coming days when twitch rolls out this new controversial change.

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