How to Set Up OBS

Getting started streaming on Twitch actually takes quite a bit more than one would expect. Here is your basic guide to get set up.

  1. Download OBS here.
  2. Install and open the software.
  3. The first thing you want to do is to add a “Scene” so right click in the “Scene” box, and select “Add Scene”. Chose a title for your scene and hit OK.
  4. Now you need a “Source”. Right click the “Source” box and click “Add Software Capture”. Choose a title and hit OK.
  5. Now we need to set up your stream settings. Click on “Settings” on the top menu, and then “Settings”. Click on “Encoding” on the right, and you’ll see “Video Encoding, and Audio Encoding” pop up on the right. Under “Audio Encoding” change “Codec” to MP3, and “Bitrate” to “128”. Depending on your connection and computer, you will have to experiment with “Quality Balance” and “Max Bitrate”. But assuming you have a Good Computer and Decent Internet connection, a good place to start is by putting “Quality Balance” to “6” and “Max Bitrate” to “800” (Make sure “Buffer Size (kbit)” is the same as your “Max Bitrate” when you change “Max Bitrate”). Experiment with these values, good practise would be to ask a friend to watch your stream to help you find good quality.
  6. Now we only have to setup the streaming environment. Press the “Preview Stream” button in the bottom right. You should now see your screen pop up where there used to be grey. If it’s only partially showing up, click the “Edit Scene” button and drag the window so that it covers the entire stream. When you are done press “Stop Preview”. Click on “Settings” in the top menu, and then “Settings” again.
  7. Now click on the “Broadcast Settings” on the left. You will see a bunch of settings show up on the right. Make sure “Mode” is set to “Live Stream” Set “Streaming Serivce” to Twitch.TV. Change “FMS URL” to whatever is closest to you.
  8. Now we have to get the stream key. Login to twitch and go to your dashboard. In the menu you will see text saying “Stream Key: Show”, click on “Show” and the key will show up. Copy this key and paste it in “Play Path/Stream Key” in OBS.
  9. Now that you have entered your key, make sure “Auto Reconnect” is checked. If you want any hotkeys for starting/stopping the stream then enter them on the last fields. Now click OK.
  10. That’s it, you’re ready to stream!

For more in depth instructions visit’s help page. You can also watch video tutorials here.

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