The Game Rebel Twitch Network is a collective of streamers that all have their individual channels, however everyone works together to help one another grow their own audiences. The vision is that the network can grow to a recognition and size that when an up and coming twitch stream joins, they immediately are put on the map to success. To get to this point, however, we must do some work.

Current Game Rebel Twitch Network Streamers

gamerebelofficial's Streambadge

GameRebelOfficial is the main twitch channel for the GRN “Game Rebel Network. What you will see mostly from GameRebelOfficial is daily streams of Final Fantasy games, random other games from PC and PS4 and hosted streams from other channels in our network. GRO also hosts game discussion, provides gaming news, conducts website development tutorials and many other shenanigans. Enjoy!


Daily weekday shows starting at 6 pm…ish -7 MST.

Weekend shows late morning and afternoon.

Chat Rules

  • Don’t be a douche.
  • No porn. Fap elsewhere.
  • We are not chat nazi’s, but don’t break Twitch’s ToS and guidelines.
  • No spam.

Giveaway Rules

  • Free shipping is offered on most items within the continental U.S.
  • If outside the continental U.S., you must pay shipping.
  • If you are caught cheating to win a giveaway, you will be publicly shamed.

Chat Commands

Here is the current list of commands that can be used in chat. Keep in mind, new commands are added frequently, and in traditional Final Fantasy fashion, there are hidden commands that you must discover for yourself. No strategy guide will save you now!

  • !gil
  • !quote “#”
  • !heist “#”
  • !gamertags
  • !gitgud
  • !petduke
  • !petguinness
  • !gamerebel
  • !feedgrunga
  • !fight “username”
  • !ask “yes or no question”
  • !rank
  • !petdoge
  • !petbrittany
  • !fightbrittany
  • !uptime
  • !hours
  • !givewhiskeycoke “user”
  • !messysausage

buckycarbon's Streambadge

I make artwork, lot’s of it! I stream regularly, making comics, fanart, and commissions! Become a Carbonite and follow my artistic progress! I’ll try to keep you entertained and maybe we’ll learn something together along the way!  My goal is to make a living creating my original comics.Step by step, we’ll get there! Additionally, I stream video games and am in the process of getting a PS4 Cam for my adventures. Commissions are open! Let me know if you want a drawing done! I’ll get a price chart up soon. Art ranges from 20 – 50 generally, depending on content.


Monday – Friday: 10 AM to 6 PM ~

All times are in (AST) and can vary slightly. But mostly, I’m on all week 🙂 Follow me on Twitter for updates!

Chat Rules

  • Be respectful of each other
  • No religious or political discussion
  • Try to keep it safe for work 😉


  • Check Credits – !carbonite
  • Give Credits -!carbonite add name amount
  • Song Request – !songrequest youtube url
  • Now Playing – !nowplaying


  • Bounty Hunter – !bounty
  • Roll a d20 – !d20
  • Do Battle – !fight username
  • Give Cookie – !cookie username
  • Interact w/ Droid -!droid

pixelradiotv's Streambadge

What is Pixel Radio? We’re a 24/7 Video Game Music Broadcast on Dubtrack.fm that allows you to be the DJ in a queue system. Pixel Radio can be heard as the source of music on streams all across twitch! Want to suggest music? Hop onto our community on Dubtrack.fm by clicking the cute Pikachu picture above and play your favorite music on Pixel Radio. Pixel Radio is a Video Game Themed Radio station that will only play VG. Please queue/play only Video Game Music. Pixel Radio may be running during stream broadcasts/ AFK. When music is running, only the music and the game may be Audible. So there might be no voice commentary from me, unless planned for an event. If you enjoy Pixel Radio please follow us on our social sites or website! <3

Schedule and Rules

Mellow Mondays

A day for us to experiment with VGM genres that are a little more low key and soft toned.

Genres to look at for example are – Jazz, Funk, Oldies, Instrumental, Guitar, Piano, and Soft Melodies.

What genres to not take as an example – 8bit, Battle Music, Epic Scale Music, Electronic…  Basically anything too loud and out of theme.

Of course, you can still play your everyday favorites, so long as you are not in afk mode. Please be considerate of others that are taking part in the theme of the day.

I hope that you all enjoy this day and support it with lots of new music. Happy Mondays!!

Way-Back Wednesdays

WBW are still here!

That’s any music from N64 era and older (Yes, that includes PS1 and Sega Saturn).

Music must be Original audio only, no HD covers, or remixes.

I’ll be trying to adjust some of my personal playlists to accommodate to this event day. I would suggest creating new playlists on Dubtrack.fm that will be ready for WBW and adding appropriate music for the event if you haven’t already. Since I know this event day was created by others in our community, please let me know if you have any moderation you would like to make to it.

Friday Theme Day

Please remember that music still has to be from a video game or remix of an original song.

Fan songs singing about video games are also welcome.

Songs must be from the Playstation One Era only.

If you plan to play your regular everyday favorites, that is ok but please be present if you are DJ’ing. If music is queued and the DJ is 100% AFK, I may skip your music to keep to the theme.

Thank you for your patience and if you do get skipped, I apologize.. please say something in chat so we can re-queue you properly.

Music will start at midnight Friday (eastern US time) and last all day till midnight sat.

I may throw in a concert somewhere in between for us to enjoy. 🙂

Listen to Pixel Radio now!

authorpa's Streambadge

AuthorPa is the general mod for all channels on the Game Rebel Twitch Network. He streams occasionally from his Wii U, PC and Playstation. AuthorPa looks like a viking and eats epic meals every night, cooked by his roommate.


No set schedule. Catch me if you can!

Chat Rules

  • Don’t be an asshole

Penance: Ban No discriminating/harassing the viewers.

If playing game “blind” (for the first time), no hints, tips, tricks, or spoilers. Even if you’ve already played it, not everyone has. Seriously, this just bugs me.

  • Don’t discuss purges/timeouts/bans in chat.

Penance: Purge If you have an issue message me personally.

  • Don’t ask to be a mod

Penance: Purge Don’t ask why not.

  • Words to be mindful of:

Penance: 1st Offense (Warning) – Timeout, 2nd Offense – Ban

Don’t say “gay” in a derogatory way.

Don’t say “fag, lesbian, or other form of it.”.

Seriously, I have a zero tolerance policy for those words.

If you are discussing your gender/sexual orientation, please say it in a way that could not be seen as offensive.

  • Only type English in the chat.

Penance: Purge, Timeout, or Ban This is simply so everyone, including myself, knows you’re not being an asshole.

  • Before you paste a link, let me know what it is.

Penance: Purge, Timeout, or Ban No porn, discriminatory, or derogatory links.

  • No RP fights in chat.

Penance: Purge, Timeout No violence against other viewers, playing a role.

  • Have fun!

Chat Commands

Here is the current list of commands that can be used in chat. Keep in mind, new commands are added frequently, and in traditional Final Fantasy fashion, there are hidden commands that you must discover for yourself. No strategy guide will save you now!

  • !clockin
  • !clocked
  • !hypey
  • !shutitalldown
  • !quote
  • !quote (number of specific quote)
  • !quotetotal
  • !topclocked
  • !tweet
  • !buyticket
  • !real (put words here) ((singular))
  • !reals (put words here) ((plural))
  • !addquote “(put something funny I said here)” – AuthorPa 2015
  • !clockout
  • !dontdoitman
  • !reclock

Other commands may be added to the bot at random, and there may even be a few secret commands that you’ll have to watch chat for, so, be on the lookout!


gamestalive's Streambadge

Basic Rules

  • Be yourself but don’t act like pleb.
  • If you have something to say, say it. Whether its good or bad.
  • Respect others in the chat and no personal attacks on any group or individual.


Every second day. Myself and partner (vanessa-pixie) take it in turns with the Playstation a day at a time. If I’m not online one day I will be on the day after.

Additional Info

I’m from Oldham in Manchester, England. I love gaming so will play all sorts of games from FPS to RPGs so keep coming back to see other games.

I am 35 and was around at the birth of console gaming. For anyone who thinks games are for kids, think again. If you think your better than me, you may be right, so challenge me.

Enjoy the stream and if you like what you see, hit that follow button. Thanks

cxldstwntr's Streambadge

  • Don’t be a douche.
  • No porn, fap else where.
  • I won’t tollerate any kind of spam or advertising
  • Links are not allowed if they contain illegal stuff!
  • Have fun and enjoy beeing here!

Chat commands.

  • !givedrink “username”
  • !slap “username”
  • !petluna
  • !uptime
  • !hours
  • !time

Giveaway Rules.

  • Free shipping is offered on most items within the continental European Union.
  • In outside of the European Union, you must pay the shipping.
  • If you are caught cheating to win a giveaway, you will be publicly shamed.

About Me.

Heya! – I’m Dan! 🙂

I’m born in Germany while my parrents are born in Italy / Spain. I’m living in UK currently but who knows for how long still, eh? Anyway, welcome to the Stream. You will find Daily streams, there isn’t a straight shedule yet but will follow soon. What you will find is basically streams about “Silkroad Online”, “Final Fantasy Games” , “Resident Evil Games” and also some retro titles, so you’re welcome to enjoy your time here.

Best Regards, Dan! 🙂

Follow Me!

If you enjoyed watching me and had fun all the way, you’re free to follow Me! We’ll have fun and play a lot of games, also you will be up to date when ever im online! 🙂

Social Media



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