stream wars

Twitch joins the stream wars

The Stream Wars continue to heat up as more talent leaves twitch to sign exclusive multi-year deals with top talent such as Ninja, Shroud, Gothalion, Disguised Toast, CouRage and beyond.

With the countless controversies and lack of communication from twitch, many top talent streamers have voiced their frustration with twitch and have begun leaving the platform. It’s no suprise that with enough talent leaving, twitch has decided to take action and begin signing talent to their own platform. Three of the largest remaining streamers, DrLupo, TimtheTatMan, and Lirik have simultaneously announced that they have signed massive multi-year exclusive contracts with twitch.

Twitch is the biggest platform, but if all the top talent leaves then twitch is in big trouble, so it makes sense that twitch is now taking action to secure their best streamers. Twitch has not had any real competition in some time, and with twitch having to work harder to keep relevance, the entirety of the streaming world benefits.

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