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I can make a broad statement about my self and the Zelda series: The Legend of Zelda is the reason I’m doing art today.

I started drawing when I was a wee babbus, inspired, as always, by video games and cartoons to draw what I saw on screen. First it was Sonic, then Earthworm Jim, and then along came my N64 and Ocarina of Time. Seeing the designs in the player’s manual blew my mind, and I just wanted to draw like that! I traced and copied Link over and over. I would draw each item with a description next to it. I still have all these drawings.

Then my life took a turn for the un-creative, and I spent a long time not drawing for fun, and disliking anything that came out of my pencil. I spent years of college this way (animation school) and afterward. Along came a new 3DS and a Christmas present from my wife, Ocarina of Time 3D. For the first time in years I dug back into the game that started it all for me, and experienced the excellent character and world design with fresh eyes. After finishing that, I tackled my previously detested Zelda game, Twilight Princess. This time, I played it on the Gamecube instead of the Wii.

It’s my favourite! (second to Majora’s Mask perhaps?) I LOVE this game. It lit a fire in me for art, and creativity that I haven’t felt in years. So thank you Legend of Zelda series, thanks for being an awesome, awesome bit of creative fuel.

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