Top 10 Final Fantasy Characters


I’ve noticed that other sites and writers that have covered this top 10 subject have never really taken it seriously enough. In many cases I don’t even think the writer played all the games they rank. So I decided to be the first person to attempt taking this particular top 10 subject seriously.

10. Cid – Final Fantasy IV

Favorite quote: “Ahh, go shave your ears! Doggone…”

9. Cid – Final Fantasy V

Favorite quote:  “That lobster just got served!”

8. Cid – Final Fantasy VI

Favorite quote: “Wow! All of a sudden I have a granddaughter!”

7. Cid – Final Fantasy IX

Favorite quote: “Punch it up on the main line!”

6. Cid – Final Fantasy XII

Favorite quote: “Spend your pity elsewhere. If you are so set on running, hadn’t you best be off, fool of a pirate?”

5. Cid – Final Fantasy II

Favorite quote: “You here to ride the Airship? If you’ve got the cash, there’s no place I can’t take ya.”

4. Cindy – Final Fantasy XV

Fav quote: “Wow! She’s looking purdier than ever!”

3. Cid – Final Fantasy VIII

AKA Robin Williams
Fav quote: ” Psst…Psst (Do your best, even if you don’t stand out.)”

2. Cid – Final Fantasy X

Fav quote: Yeehaw here we go!

1. Cid – Final Fantasy VII

Bitches, cigs, rocketships, and shit.
Fav quote: “Shut up! Sit your ass down in that chair and DRINK YOUR GODDAMN TEA!”

This concludes today’s top 10 article. I hope more writers in the future will follow my example by taking this as seriously as I did. Top 10’s are sacred and must be documented as the pinnacle of our civilization.

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  • billyrath1

    August 18, 2017

    That’s a well constructed list you got there. But did you consider maybe…Cid?

    • Stanimus2

      August 18, 2017

      I did not consider Cid, but that is a very interesting suggestion. Duly noted.


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