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Pixel Radio is a community gaming radio station that was launched in 2010 by a video game enthusiast who goes by the name of Pixel. I first discovered Pixel Radio while snooping around Grooveshark looking for a good stream of music to listen to while I worked. I saw the name “Pixel Radio”, and was intrigued enough to pop in. Personally, I really dig video game music so I popped it open and gave it a try. To my surprise, it was filled with dozens of people and had quite the subscriber count. Everyone was talking about each song that played and their memories of playing each respective game. Many familiar game tracks would come on from Zelda, Final Fantasy, Mario, Pokemon, but mostly, phenomenal music from games I have never played would come on and people would ecstatically discuss them, making me want to try out that game! Pixel Radio is a magical place, where you can meet amazing people and discover the magic of great games you would have otherwise never known were good.

Despite Grooveshark shutting down, Pixel Radio has trekked forward and the community has followed. The community behind Pixel Radio is the definition of a strong brotherhood, much like you would see in a long lasting gaming clan. Pixel, the leader of Pixel Radio has a strong will to continue to scale the project and keep the community together. Below, he answers a handful of questions about Pixel Radio, see what he has to say.

Q: So tell us about how Pixel Radio got started. 
A: Pixel Radio got started on Grooveshark somewhere around 2012/2013 shortly after when Grooveshark introduced the ability for anyone to host a Radio Broadcast. In those days I was a big Grooveshark supporter. Their music streaming service, made it easy to collect playlists. So for years while using their service, I was collecting a large quantity of songs. That didn’t mean I was completely ready to take up the effort of hosting my own radio broadcast. My motivation came after I saw the amount of interest the Grooveshark community had in Video Game Music. I often visited the Broadcast of a host named, Nikke. Nikke had the top broadcast of Video Game music on GS. A position Nikke held for a very long time and was often within the top 10 of all broadcasts from any genre on GS. Shortly after seeing the success Nikke’s broadcast had, I decided to experiment with my own broadcast, and Pixel Radio was born.

Q. How did you build Pixel Radio to become so popular on Grooveshark?
A: I want to say that Pixel Radio got to where we are because of a series of events and later changes to us becoming a strong community. Early when we got started, we grew on GS because there weren’t many other video game broadcasts. I say there were maybe 10 at its peak and Pixel Radio was 1 of maybe 3-4 that hosted 24/7. We were firmly placed as number 2 in the VGM genre for a long time, although we never got the numbers Nikke got. Then one day Nikke called it quits, I never got to speak with Nikke before the broadcast ended, so I’ll never know why Nikke left. That allowed my broadcast to move up to the number one slot, and although i didn’t get Nikke’s community from the transition, some did find their way to mine. Some may have left all together or tried to create their own. From that point forward our numbers slowly grew. At the downfall of Grooveshark we had somewhere around 1,700 listeners from around the world who followed the broadcast. That of course dwindled when Grooveshark unexpectedly shut down and we weren’t able to reach our whole community with enough time. I reached out to as many as I could via social media, and other sources, but what you see now on our site today are the few hardcore supporters that have found me stayed with me since Grooveshark and I thank everyone of them as much as I can every chance I get.

Q. What is your favorite thing about the community you created?
A: When we made the changes to after Grooveshark, I set to make it more about them as a community and focus growing the broadcast together rather than mostly by myself. made it easy for everyone to have a place as a DJ and has been one of our principles going forward. Allowing everyone a chance to share their favorite music has been a very positive experience. The conversations we have about music and other video game related topics is what I love most about this community. Everyone here is very passionate about Video Game Music and it makes it a great environment to discover music you might have otherwise passed by.

Q. Since the shutdown of Grooveshark and, what are your plans moving forward?
A: Sites will often shutdown and people will come and go. The people you know and what you see today may be different in a year or two. That’s true in everyday life, but I started Pixel Radio not for gain or popularity. I want Pixel Radio to always be in spirit, a place to share music and have a great conversation with anyone listening. Video Games will always be my first love, so my interest in wanting to share will never die. I will always continue to find a way to express that side of myself and I can only hope that Pixel Radio listeners always have a similar interest in doing so. I love this community and only want to see it grow so everyone has a place to share, listen, chat, and make new friends. I can’t say what will be there going forward but I will continue to host for as long as my life allows me to.

Q. What is your favorite game?
A: No one likes to ever pick favorites when there are so much to choose from. Currently, I play Guild Wars 2 way too much that I almost don’t ever get a chance to play anything else. Some of the top games I’ve enjoyed in the past include World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy series, Silent Hill Series, Kingdom Hearts series, and many more. I can’t say too many times where I didn’t enjoy a game and if I did it would be mostly because of horrible controls. Now if I had to pick a game with the most nostalgia feel, a game I would frame and place as the definition of my life as a gamer. It would be Super Mario 3. Lots of great memories with that game when I lived an easier, happier life as a kid.

Q. Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or a horse sized duck?
That giant duck would be the equivalent of fighting a dark souls monster for me in real life and fighting a 100 duck size horses may seem easy because you can maybe kick a few but the numbers may quickly overwhelm you if they all decide to run at you. Hmmm, I’m kind of fearing that giant wing span the duck will have and I’m already afraid of a duck when they show off their wings to you as they prepare to attack. I’m going to choose the horses, although both would be challenging.

Q. Who is your favorite community member? Is it StanTheRebel, or StanTheRebel?

A: No favorites lmao but I should thank my longest supporters from the GS days and people that help run the place. First off, Thank you to Mogo and Buckycarbon, who were my first 2 admins I ever made and have remained helpful friends and members of the community. Second, Thank you all respectively… without you all, Pixel  Radio wouldn’t be where it is as a community. Everyone has shared their ideas and have helped make this community great.  Thank you.. Thank you .. Thank you.. <3

You can listen to and connect with Pixel Radio online at:

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