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The story of a small streamer

This is the story of a small streamer from beginning to current day.

It’s March 2015 and I had just liquidated my small tech startup Radio Rebel. I had worked on this project every hour for the past 3 years, eventually building into a music marketplace with over 10,000 registered accounts, and hundreds of stores with music for sale. However, my co-founder had recently had another child, and was basically forced to abandon the project, which was left buggy and problematic, which was difficult for me to fix alone. At this time, my fathers company was doing poorly under the leadership of other family members, and my dad offered for me to take over the company too see if I could save it. This is when I decided to sell off any assets I had with Radio Rebel, move from Colorado to South Dakota and take over my dads exhaust company Samson Exhaust, which was 30 days away from bankruptcy. I was determined to save it and sell it to a better and more equipped leader, which I did. It took me nearly 3 years to accomplish my goals, all the while not being able to pay myself a wage, and instead living off savings and my monthly VA disability check. During this period is when I became a streamer.

During this period is when I became a streamer.

stan price samson exhaust papastanimus

In September of 2015 I booted up a stream for the first time from my newly purchased PS4. It’s nothing fancy. I told nobody about it. It’s just a simple test to see how it works, as it was a notable feature I remembered that the PS4 offered. I see myself live on the internet, am mildly interested and am glad to know how it works. I keep the knowledge handy for possible future projects.

To better understand streaming so I could help Bucky, I created an account for the Game Rebel website

November rolls around, and I am working on an after-work project with an artist friend named Bucky, helping him get his artwork out there on the internet. We begin a comic web series called Geralt of Rivet City, which was a Witcher 3 / Fallout New Vegas crossover, which was riding the recent release hype of Witcher 3, and riding the hype of the upcoming Fallout 4 release. It was very successful, and we were getting Bucky’s name out there pretty quickly. Bucky began streaming the creation of his comics and art, which I found to be an excellent idea, however he was having trouble getting anyone to watch. To better understand streaming so I could help Bucky, I created an account for the Game Rebel website, GameRebelOfficial (now known as PapaStanimus) and began running tests.

geralt vs the deathclaw buckycarbon gamerebel.net

I streamed on and off for several months when I had time after work, learning the very basics of having a camera, microphone, and talking to anyone who happens to stop by in chat. I tried to learn what Bucky did not already know, but it was proving to be difficult and ended up stopping. However, one day a very important game to me was released. The Final Fantasy X PS4 remaster. Having bought a PS4, and Final Fantasy being my favorite game franchise, I bought the game. Also having already invested in a camera and microphone, I decided to stream it.

That’s when the luckiest damn thing happened.

That’s when the luckiest damn thing happened. Suddenly my stream was being featured on PS4’s all over the world that owned the game, and just so happened to have the FFX icon highlighted in the menu. People from all over the world were tuning in giving me advice on how to play the game, which I was actually very bad at. I caught on to the fact that it was exciting for people to give me tips and watch me follow their advice and engage their text. I discovered that when over 100 people are watching and you offer to put on an article of clothing per new follower, you quickly end up not being able to move your arms due to too many jackets. I continued to ride the wave of traffic I got from that night for many days, which lead to months, which eventually lost steam and lead me back down to the bottom where I started in terms of views. But this time I had a few return visitors, this time I regulars. Regulars that I still talk to all the time. Regulars that are now my friends.

papastanimus flyingcuntnugget wallpaper

Throughout the rest of 2015, all the way through 2017, I streamed on and off with varying results. I streamed many games, and tried many different ideas, and learned all different types of techniques and methods to achieving a quality stream. I fell in love with constantly pushing the limits of my equipment to have the best end quality. Many trials and tribulations were encountered. There were many times where technical issues caused problems with my streams, or made it so I couldn’t stream at all. Sometimes I felt like I would never figure out the solution. And although sometimes I may have taken an extended break from a problem, I always came back and overcame, and learned, and ended up with whatever it was I wanted to do.

I created a large amount of written and video tutorials of my findings

During my many technical struggles increasing the quality of my streams, I created a large amount of written and video tutorials of my findings. Tutorials, that to this day, send traffic to my website, gamerebel.net, which today, is used as a tool to promote my stream.

Near the end of 2017, the Exhaust Company finally sold to the right people, who today are doing a great job. I moved back to Colorado with a bit of extra money from my portion of the earnings from the sale, with the intention that I would take all of 2018 off and try to become a full time streamer.

papastanimus 2018

Which leads me to now. I have grown quite a bit in 2018 as I have been able to put full focus on my streaming ambitions, but have not quite achieved what it was I set out to achieve. The end of the year is coming fast and I am unsure of what I will be able to accomplish, but there is one thing I am sure of. I will always be a streamer. I’m addicted to it and as long as people want to watch, I will always give them a show. The people I have met, the skills I have learned, the personal growth I have found, will forever be a part of who streaming has helped me become. Cheers to the future, and cheers to how cool streaming is.

See you on the next cast.


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