The majority of your viewers should not be streamers!


This is a subject I’ve been sitting on for some time. A lot of streamers are going to feel attacked by this post, because most of their viewers are streamers, and it sucks to hear that what you are doing is unhealthy for the future for your stream. I am always sorry for being the one, but I have come to terms with this. You can always expect me to be real with everyone in all my articles.

Streamers that are “networking” by going around and spending time in other streams are usually not going to convert to actual members of your community when compared to a viewer. Streamers that are networking, often are doing so because they feel they have to be. For many it’s all they know how to do when it comes to solving the exposure problem. I can tell you from experience that networking is seriously overrated. If you are doing something dope and have exposure from a reoccurring source, streamers will come to you. Other streamers are not the only source of massive exposure! Quite frankly, its the least effective form of exposure. Hosts for example, don’t do much beyond the moment they happen. The people raiding from another community have already formed their loyalties, and it aint to you!

Viewers that are captivated by your content, stay, subscribe, donate, etc are loyal to you are your content. They are there because they truly want to be. This is infinitely more valuable than people showing up based on obligation. Whether or not the viewer is a streamer or just a normal viewer, if they are truly captivated by your content then that is the person you want to have in your community. That is the person that will stay the longest.

Lurker and follow for follow communities are predatory in nature and boost numbers without substance. Only those at the top of the hierarchy are the ones that benefit, and even then, once that house of cards tumbles, those at the top are left with nothing. None of these viewers/followers stick.

Twitch “go live” spam dumb communities are a hit or miss. Promoting in these communities is, in my personal opinion, a waste of time. I have promoted in them quite a bit, and found that the best form of promotion is in the form of stream tips via youtube videos. Personally I don’t self promote that I am live via social media, forums, communities, discords, etc etc. It’s a huge time sink and commitment with such small results. I instead find other forms of exposure with massive difference in results.

Having the majority of your community you have built be viewers that stick around and who feel your stream is the best stream they have ever seen is ultimately more powerful. Streamers are also there hustling the platform, and their loyalty lies with them and their stream. The majority of these streamers are not going to see you as their favorite streamer, unless you are doing something that is completely blowing all their minds one after another.

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