The Great American Beer Festival – Denver, 2018


I had never attended to anything like it before, and I must say, the great American beer festival was absolutely amazing.

An endless line of thirsty attendees wrapped around the Denver Convention Center, snaking back and forth like the line of a popular Disneyland attraction. People were cheerful and excited, many wearing tshirts showing love for beer or pretzel necklaces for expected muchies.

After getting through security and making my way to the show floor, I was absolutely blown away by the amount of people that could fit inside the room, and by the endless sea of beers that were available. I was greeted by a woman handing out miniature beer glasses with a 1 ounce line marker on it. My wife and I both took one and journeyed our way to our first beers.

We stumbled upon a brewery that offered a main beer flavor called Eggs and Bacon, which totally had a breakfast flavor going on. Then we tried butterscotch, sours, black IPA’s, hot chili ale’s, whiskey barrel stouts, gin barrel blondes… We tried everything you could imagine and beyond.

Several hours into the experience we began to get hungry and found ourselves at the Buffalo Wild Wings booth, which was handing out two hot wings per person in line. We snaked around and got our chicken and devoured them quickly, then got back to the beer. Time was running out and there were 700 or so more brewers we had to experience.

Sad to say, time did indeed run out and we had to leave, but the experience was worth the cost. Luckily a diner was not far from the convention, we enjoyed some bacon and eggs, got a lyft home and talked all night about our favorite beers.

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