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super guitar bros ocarina of time

Super Guitar Bros Ocarina of Time | An acoustic trip down nostalgia lane

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you one of the greatest VGM releases I have experienced in quite some time, Super Guitar Bros Ocarina of Time. Fronted by Sam Griffin and Steven Poissant, two amazingly talented classical guitarists who are well known in the VGM scene for putting together breath taking musical arrangements of everyone’s favorite video game tracks, Ocarina of Time by Super Guitar Bros is simply magnificent.

From start to finish, the 25 track fully acoustic album is truly captivating, acoustically sapping N64 nostalgia right from your brains limbic system with every memorable melody. From the get go, you hear a stringed horse thump right into the menu screen which activates that very familiar jolt of excitement you feel when turning on your Nintendo 64.

As of writing this, I’ve listened to this whole album 7 times through, and am currently working on play through 8 as I listen to an unbelievable arrangement of Zoras Domain. However, there are many other fan albums in the world that do a fantastic job covering OoT, from Eric Buchholz fully orchestrated to Cory Johnson’s post rock rendition, all of which I believe are equally amazing and deserving of your time.

All this said, please note I am a big fan of all Super Guitar Bros work ever since I discovered them on twitch, and am especially a fan of Sam Griffin’s youtube channel, where he provides tablature of his arrangements via patreon (check out his Fisherman’s Horizon arrangement). As an amateur guitar player, I simply cannot praise these guys enough.

With a pay what you want gateway, Super Guitar Bros Ocarina of Time is available on compact disc for $10 at Bandcamp or whatever you feel like paying for the digital version (includes unlimited free streaming).

Bonus: Check out this hilarious promo video they put together for the new album.

Bonus 2: Full live concert of the new album during MAGFest 2018

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