Steam Customer Support Sucks


Steam is a fucking wonderful thing. In my opinion, the greatest thing to happen to gaming, ever. Seriously! Steam sales, steam greenlight, in-game chat with friends, quality free-to-play games, cloud saves, insane download speeds, steam workshop, trading cards, the list goes ON AND ON! Steam is HUGE! Steam is life. However, Steam has a dark side. Steam’s customer support sucks! Terribly! You better hope you never have any problems because if you do, nobody is going to help. You’re on your own. The horror stories of Steam support are everywhere. It’s like Valve purposely hires the worst possible people they can find to help gamers in need. It’s so strange!

I wish Steam would take a hint from EA’s Origin service when it comes to customer support. I’ve had to contact them several times and each time I get to talk to another human being via chat or phone. They always help me solve whatever problem I have. “Need a refund? No problem! Keep the game too, we just want you to be happy.” “Need to merge your Origin account with your old EA account? No problem! Let us talk on the phone and get that all worked out. Just need to prove you own that other account.”

Steam: “Nice account you got there, be a real shame if something happened to it.”

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