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Shroud calls out clout chasers, tryhards under attack by TikTok influencer

While Shroud was away on a well earned paid Mixer vacation, his live viewer numbers were a lot lower than usual. This was expected as Mixer, when it still existed, was one of the smallest of the major streaming platforms. However with smaller numbers, comes less people trying to “get in”.

During a recent livestream on twitch, where Shroud was holding upwards to 100k viewers, he made an interesting comment about how many people suddenly want to play with him again.

I found this to be quite the interesting comment from Shroud, and surprisingly out of character. Shroud has never been one to get involved in drama or call anyone out, but I’m not complaining!

In other news, a TikTok clip depicting an influence explaining how “try hards” have ruined gaming, has gone viral. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve reached new lows. We’re reporting on TikTok posts. But here it goes. Creator mbeen22 created a video showing an epic gamer absolutely dominate the competition in a Fall Mountain match.

“This is the reason why I stopped playing video games, right here” mbeen22 said. “This game has been out for, like, what, a week?” “And people are this tryhard at a party game?!”

I don’t mean to throw any hate at the man, but I just think complaining about how good someone is at a video game is just… out of the loop. That’s all I am going to say about this one. I just found it interesting that this TikTok blew up so much!

And quite delightfully, Ninja decided to chime in with his infamously controversial statement from earlier this year.

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