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Secret of Mana Remake – Is it any good?

Guys, it’s happening. After years of nostalgia and a bunch of lovely memories we are getting back a masterpiece of a game, the Secret of Mana remake!

Secret of Mana was released on the 3rd August 1993. Secret of Mana is a RPG about a Child that falls of a tree directly into a sea where he finds the “Mana Sword” stuck in a stone, sealing all the evil monsters. The Child managed it to pull the sword out of the stone because the sword has gotten weak after years, it has been waiting for the “chosen one” that has to be worth to hold the “Mana Sword”. However, the moment he pulls out the Sword out of the stone, he breaks the seal between the Monsters and the world. Monsters appear all over the world again. It’s now up to the Child to rescue the world from the evil. He travels the world, meets new friends, finds new powers and so much more. Secret of Mana is definitely a game you must play.

People have their doubts.

People are overthinking the whole Project. Can Secret of Mana Remake actually be a success? People doubt the game can bring back the experience it did back in the old days. The animations on the original (SNES) version have been funny and really cool. People complain about those to be gone. But the question is, is that really a reason to say a game couldn’t be a success? I mean yes, i loved these stuffs to but i wouldn’t wanna miss a chance just for some lack animations.

We are getting closer to the release, 2 weeks to go. What are your thoughts?

As we get closer to Secret of Mana Remake everyday i can only personally say I’m really hyped for the game. I’ve spent my whole childhood playing Secret of Mana with my older brother. Yes, we fought a lot about who’s gonna use the sword and who’s actually going to be the “main-character”, the boy. But after all, it was a great experience and I loved it just way to much to not get the Remake nowadays.

What can we expect?

Well, of what we could see so far, we can expect a whole new 3D experience with a high scaled graphic set. We can’t expect to much obviously but the game will still be different in the good way of course. As of what we could read so far, the original OST are going to be in use so we will have the same soundtracks we used to hear in the original game back in the 90’s (I’m so excited for this!)

Question aside: What was your favorite soundtrack?
Personally i loved the Endboss Theme the most, along with the 4 season forest theme.

Would you recommend it?

Yes, yes and again yes. I loved to play Secret of Mana and I’m all excited for the update graphics. The game is cheaper as back in the days (originally 139$) so whether you have played Secret of Mana or not, you should give it a try. The story line is amazing and makes a lot of fun to discover.

When can we expect Secret of Mana Remake to be released?

Secret of Mana Remake is officially launching on 15th February 2018, coming for PC and Playstation 4. Further releases are to be announced.

Official Pre-order content

Let’s wait and see the result these days, i would say; Yes, it is worth.

Bonus points: Check out the Spectrum of Mana fan album!

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