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Review: Shower With You Dad Simulator 2015

Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015 is easily GOTY. The graphics, gameplay, music, and overall quality are absolutely 100% top notch. No AAA game this year comes close to defeating  SWYDS in terms of creativity and quality.

Lets break it down.

The Menu Screen

No game this year has put this much thought into their menu screen. It’s simple, informative and stylish all at the same time. Just look at the unique choice in spelling “created by”.


The Title Card

The title card is well thought out. It shows intense depth and homage to the days of NES and Atari. Respect.

Mode Selection

Simplicity is the key these days. Modern games think they know how to create simplicity by using the proven “press x to activate cut scene” technique, but SWYDS has taken simplicity to a whole new level with mode selection.



The gameplay is pure genius. I felt as if I were taking an IQ test to determine which level of special ed class I would be attending. Are you a black guy? Well, you better go shower with the black guy with the black weenie and crew cut. …wait a tick. Is this game racist and stereotypical? …no I don’t think so. The black guys penis is the same size as the mexican and white guys.



Not much needs to be said here beyond a simple screen shot. Just look at the clarity.



The stats are very well done. Informative, easy to read and extremely detailed.


Dad Jokes

Name one game with dad jokes. Exactly.


10 pixelated weenies out of 10.

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