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Redditor Makes Sheikah Slate Apple Watch

Redditor /u/nekomichi posted in /r/zelda with one of the coolest creations I’ve seen in quite some time, not to mention very clever. Following his simple instructions, you can now create a Sheikah Slate Apple Watch!

If the Apple Watch was not already cool to most people, it sure as hell well be now! I am a bit bummed I can’t do this and still have some of the other data on my watchface such as the date, outside temp, among other things, however it’s so cool I am totally cool with the simplicity for a while. I’d love to see what other clever watch faces people have created!

To create this watch face you simply follow nekomichi’s instructions:

  1. Save the video file of the animation you want from here onto your iPhone: dropbox link
  2. Using an app like IntoLive on your iPhone, convert the video into a Live Photo
  3. In your Camera Roll, find the Live Photo you just made, then choose to edit it
  4. Drag the white rectangle on the bottom slider until the end of the animation (usually in the middle of the video)
  5. Choose to set the Key Photo
  6. Save the changes
  7. Open the share menu
  8. Choose to set the Live Photo as a watch face

Now excuse me while I pretend to be the legendary hero for a while.

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sheikah slate apple watch

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