PUBG RNG vs Skill – Where should we drop?


“Where we going?” A question I ask my squad every round. Where we drop usually depends on who I am playing with, which usually boils down to two different approaches.

  1. Aggressive killing machine. Drop hot (military base, school, prison, etc), get a ton of kills, try not to die. This requires a lot of skill, especially if you come out on top. Move on the border of the blue circle and pick off stragglers, move towards audible firefights.
  2. RNG long game. Drop somewhere far and isolated, scrap for items, find a vehicle/run to the end game (usually no player encounters until 20 left). Lots of running. Lots of waiting. Not a lot of killing.

Personally I like to do a mix of both, just so I can keep the game fresh and constantly be doing something new. Mostly I prefer to be aggressive and rack up kills before the end game, using players as living loot crates. Problem is, my aim sucks, and so does my hearing, so I am not always successful. Practice makes perfect!

Playing the long game can be fun in it’s own way. When I was new to the game, I once got a Solo Chicken Dinner with ZERO kills. Hard to do! Dare you to try it. See below.

Anyways, I did not really have the most solid point to make with this article other than pointing out the differentiation of players. There are other approaches I have seen, such as being a highly skilled and deadly player, who plays the long game and uses RNG to their advantage. However personally running through grass and hiding behind rocks and inside bathrooms, gets really old after a couple hours. I like my action, and find the beginning and the ends of matches to be the most thrilling, and the reason why I keep coming back to PUBG.

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