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I am Coach Mac, I am a mid tier Grand Champ that helps Rocket League players improve their skill! I have helped dozens of gamers reach Grand Champ and learn improved mechanics, along with pinpoint weaknesses in current gameplay.

I will 1 on 1 analyze your gameplay, and if you like, will play with you so I can get firsthand experience working with you as an individual. It’s important to me that every client I work with is sent off better at Rocket League than when I found them.

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My name is Mac and I have been playing Rocket League since the middle of Season 2, starting out on Xbox and eventually switched to PC in around the time of October 2018. I mainly play 2v2s and 3v3s as I am more of a team player and enjoy meeting and playing with new people. I find it more fun to play the game with friends and I enjoy the challenge it gives when you face a challenging team.

Currently I have around 4000 hours on Rocket League and have reached the peak of mid to high Grand Champion. I remained in the top 100 players in 3v3 for the first few weeks of Season 11. I’m willing to help a client with whatever they think they need the most improvement on.

I have helped many people achieve the rank of Grand Champion just out of seeing the things they needed to work on and help them out by showing them in a replay. I like to occasionally go over replays and see what I did wrong in situations and as well what I could’ve done better. I enjoy helping people in the scene of Rocket League and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Two of the most important things about improving is persistence and confidence.


Timezone: Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Monday: 5pm-10pm
Wednesday: 5pm-10pm
Friday-Sunday: 5pm-10pm

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If you want to have a chat before placing an order just message me on Discord: Mac#6516

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Live Gameplay Coaching

3 Live Games, 6 Live Games, No Live Gaming

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1 Hour, 2 Hours, No Analysis

2 reviews for Rocket League Coach: Mac

  1. Trevor

    I was stuck in gold and with macs help, i managed ti hit champ 1! Hopefully i get GC soon. Thanks man (:

  2. Kenz

    Mac taught me everything that rocket league had to offer. He turned me into a 1600 mmr player from a 1000 mmr player. Mac is the one who taught me how to aerial, how to demo, how to take advantage of every opportunity given to me. Best rocket league coach I have ever had. Only rocket league coach I ever will have.

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