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Pokimane Takes 30 Day Break From Streaming

Pokimane controversy begins to fester after a video was published on youtube criticizing her. Pokimane live, on her channel, does not react so well to this video, utilizing her prominence to cancel sponsors of the creator, and use her community to attack the creator.

ItsaGundam continues to create video criticizing Pokimane and memeing her actions, further fueling the controversy. On XXX date Leafyishere, a controversial content creator on youtube, releases a video named Content Nuke Pokimane, criticizing her and revealing that she has a boyfriend, which has essentially added napalm to an already burning controversy.

After the Content Nuke was released, many creators came to Pokimane’s defense, citing it does not matter if she has a boyfriend or not. However, in an interesting turn of events, Pokimane’s viewer and subscriber count has taken quite a hit since these videos critisising her were released.

And that brings us to today. Pokimane has announced a temporary hiatus from streaming for mental health and to take a break. That’s it! I am sure when she comes back she will be back bigger and stronger than ever. These issues with other creators and the community are all temporary and Pokimane is such a big creator that they do not affect her indefinitely.

Also… Pokimane knows has some choice LAST WORDS before leaving!

Entrepreneur, music lover, player of video games, and futurist.

Yell at someone

Game Rebel