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pokimane apology

Pokimane Apologizes, Harris Heller #metoo Joke Controversy, TimTheTatMan Finally Wins at Fallguys

Earlier this month Pokimane announced that she was taking a break from twitch, and has not spoken up until today on twitter. Many people have differing opinions on this subject, some saying that its just damage control, others saying it was actually a good apology, and others simply saying it was completely unnecessary.

After watching the entire video, personally I am in the its a good apology, and probably needed to help get her image back to a healthy direction. I do think that Poki is doing damage control, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. To me, it appears shes trying to deal with this situation so she can get back to work doing what she does best. Stream on twitch.

I think the whole controversy was actually quite interesting to witness as well as how Poki is dealing with it over time. Personally I sense some humbling up and growth. In my time in business, I notice many young entrepreneurs tend to go through their “arrogance faze”, and most commonly, time and experience tend to alleviate that. It’s cool to see this type of saga and interesting to see these large online personalities share their stories of growth with us.


In other controversy news, the person I least expected to get caught up, now has the mark. Harris Heller, famed twitch doctor, with the most innocent tweet has angered streamer twitter.

For those that don’t know Harris, he is the personality behind Alpha Gaming, a twitch streamer guide channel with tips on streaming and reviews of gear. Seemingly an untouchable personality that couldnt possibly get caught up in controversy, has done it. Many people critisized Harris for using the recent #metoo twit longer tweets from women in the gaming industry, to tell a joke.

Personally I think its highly debateable he was using the #metoo movement to tell a joke, and have seen the twitlonger jebait joke done many times. I find it completely harmless and a goddamn shame that this is where social media has led us. The people like ItsYosh and Sam Strake trying to create controversy over nothing, the people outraged over nothing, the people using this situation to further their position among woke streamer twitter, fuck you. That’s all I have to say about it.

And finally, in more lighthearted news, TimTheTatMan Timmy has finally done the impossible. He has won his first Fallguys match. What is especially interesting about this particular win is the amount of hype built up around this simple win. Tim being such a massive personality definitely has helped fuel this hype, but its just incredible how many people will rally around something so simple.

Twitch, Fallguys devs, other massive streamers, and even ESPN have all been dogging on Tim ever since the game came out, and now after all this time, Tim finally got a win.


I was actually present while this happened live and Tim had reached over 300,000 viewers. When the win finally took place, his chat absolutely exploded with messages and subscriptions. At one point Tim exclaimed “I think someone just donated 5,000 subs”.

After his stream Tim posted a screenshot of his stats, which were incredible to say the least.



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