How to Play Super Smash Bros. 64 (and Other N64 Games) Online


It works! It totally works! I am writing this just after successfully getting my ass handed to me playing Super Smash Bros. 64 online. I went in as Fox knowing he is one of the fastest characters and can dodge and grab very quickly. I was going to use the good ol’ throw them off the ledge and not let them back on technique but… My opponent chose Capt. Falcon and totally threw me off with his landings. Every time I threw him off the ledge he would jump back and land behind me, and then Falcon Punching me to oblivion. Fucking nostalgia punch directly to the brain…

Just last week I started playing Ocarina of Time once again, and with all this buzz about the new Wii U version of Smash Bros., I started to wonder. Could Smash Bros 64 be played online? This game is ancient and someone had to of been able to figure it out by now. I started with a few simple google searches and found the answers I needed. After a bit of tinkering I figured it out and have created a tutorial explaining just how to play Super Smash Brothers 64 online.

  1. Download and install the Project64k emulator. NOT to be confused with Project64. You can download it here and here.
  2. Download the Super Smash Bros. ROM. Make sure that it is titled “Super Smash Bros. (U)[!]” and do NOT edit the name. You can find SSB at your favorite source of ROMS. My personal favorites are,,
  3. Configure Project64k. You want to be sure that EVERYTHING is set up and working properly before you try to play online. It’s just polite.  Go to file > Choose ROM directory and locate the folder that holds all your N64 ROMS. Set up your controls (USB N64 Controllers are highly recommended) and audio/video settings in the Options menu. DO NOT use full screen for online play!
  4. Play online. To play online go to File > Start Netplay. Choose a username and then open up the Master Server List, which is located near the bottom right corner. From here what I did was sort servers by amount of players and then scroll down until I found the first U.S. server with people in it. For me it was the New York server. I tried the European one that had more people but had serious lag issues. Once you get in a server you will see a list of games currently in progress and games waiting for people. If you tested your game and have everything set up, go ahead and jump in a game waiting for players!

Image tutorial:

Some things to take note of:

  • Make sure your connection type (LAN, Good, Excellent, etc) is the same of your opponents. Ignore the names of the connection types as they don’t matter. All that matters is that your connection type is the same as everyone else. I noticed that most people just use LAN.
  • If you host a game, make sure you have cheats enabled for unlocking characters and the item switch.
  • Again, make sure your game works and all your settings are properly set OFFLINE before you try to play online. Common courtesy.

Enjoy! If you have any questions, comments or simply want to challenge me to a duel, please do so below.

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