Pixel Radio

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Community rules for music:

Must be video game-related!

Songs must be under 10 mins

No parody songs of non-VG songs (eg. League of Legends parody of Taylor Swift)

No filler soundtrack music (eg. GTA Radio Music, Rock Band/ Guitar Hero Music, EA Sports Background Music) – Must be originally made for the game or used in a matter to immerse you into a scene. (eg. Intro song to Borderlands, Bioshock/Fallout Radio Music is ok)

Original music created to parody a game song is allowed (eg. StarBomb, Brentalfloss)

Songs will be reviewed as they play and may be skipped by a Moderator. If you feel your song falls within our guidelines, please have a evidence ready if necessary or ask a Moderator before playing the song if it is ok. We are here to help when needed and we will correct the issue ASAP. When corrected you will be placed on the top of our lists as a courtesy for our wrongfulness.

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