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One Twitch growth hack I used as a beginner streamer

The twitch growth hack below is quite simple and actually a lot of fun, so lets dig in.

If you have built yourself up to average any amount of actual viewers above 3 then you have made quite the accomplishment. You can use this to your advantage, and with enough work and luck you will be on your way to averaging 10 viewers in no time. The technique can be applied to just about any number of average viewership, however for the sake of explanation we will use 10 as our base viewers.

When I began averaging 10 viewers I did a lot of experimentation to find twitch growth hack’s that use the platform of twitch itself to grow my viewership to the next step. Through much experimentation I developed a method I like to callĀ  “game hopping”, a technique that allowed me to accumulate over 10 new followers per day, using only a 10 viewer average. The idea is very simple, play a game on twitch with small enough viewers that places you within the top 10 streamers. Over 2-3 streams, gather up as many followers as possible before moving on to a new game.

For example, at the time of writing this, I checked out the game SCUM, which has less than 400 viewers. If I were a 10 viewer average streamer, I would place 4th on the browse page. This placement is prime real estate when it comes to exposure. One beautiful thing about this technique is that many of the games a 10 viewer streamer would place well in, are so old they are free, emulated, or just plain cheap. Anyone can participate in this space. Even if you don’t have the most powerful computer, many of these smaller games are older and allow you to achieve higher quality stream with less computer resource usage.

twitch growth hack

It’s important to always stream your ass off. Look at the other streamers who are live and see what their quality and entertainment level is at. See how good they are, and then try to out stream them once you yourself go live. This is your chance to outperform other streamers, bringing attention to yourself, and giving you a wonderful opportunity to try new things with your stream.

A common theme after usually 2-3 streams in a new game, killing it with the content creation, all the followers start to slow down. It seems to happen almost every game, some slower than others. I call this sucking up the community. You can stay in a small and entertain this small group of people, or, you can make the jump to find the next game to swallow up. It’s like you are a live musician pre-internet. You can play in the same place night after night, or you can get on the road and really start getting in front of people.

This is a great grinding space to fine tune your community hosting skills, in-house memes, sound and video quality refinements/upgrades. Jumping from game to game is an amazing way to constantly put your stream in front of new people. Try not to get sucked into the void of a smaller game that does not have enough viewers to take you to the level you want to be at.

There are many things that you can do to grow, the technique above being one more tool in your toolbox. Try to scale the idea. Get yourself up to 15-20 viewers and keep playing games where you position yourself well. As you trek on this journey keep an eye out for any other opportunities that may present themselves to you. It’s up to you to take yourself to whatever level you want to be at.

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