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Today I want to talk about number chasers. Games where the end goal is to take a group of number values and make them bigger via grinding/raiding.

Games like Farmville and Diablo. In Farmville you constantly plant and grow crops, earning you points/exp that allow you to build a bigger farm, so you can make more points to keep up with the ever increasing point requirement to keep growing the farm. Whew! In Diablo, you are constantly playing the same quests, over and over again, constantly earning stronger gear, all so you can increase the difficulty and continue playing the same quests, over and over again, endlessly with no final achievement.

With this said, I know what the tone of that last paragraph sounds like, so let me say that I myself enjoy games like Clash of Clans, Farmville, Diablo 3, MMO’s, and other number chaser games. This is not some hit article on time consuming games. This is an attempt to explain my personal categorization of games that have a goal of endlessly making your level a bigger number.

To explain, let me first differentiate some games one may confuse as being in this category. RPG games like Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls, Dark Souls, are not classified under “Number Chasers” because they have an ending. You can 100% complete the game. A true number chaser does not have an ending. You cannot 100% complete a number chaser. You can only make the number bigger, and bigger, and bigger, for all eternity.

Now I enjoy a good number chaser. Diablo 3 being my favorite. What differentiates Diablo 3 from games like Clash of Clans and Farmville is that the actual gameplay, the actual grind, is fun and challenging. After much hard work grinding the same quest over and over, there is a very satisfying payoff in reaching a goal level and acquiring the equipment you sought. Especially when competing/working with friends! The interactions from people from all walks of life are what really bring joy to such a repetitive task. However the payoff, wears off. After long extended periods of time people find themselves losing the joy of reaching the next level and finding better gear, because they’ve done it time and time again, degrading the impact of the emotional payoff of a success. They learn that the payoff only leads full circle back to where they started, resulting with the desire to take a break from the game.

The point I am trying to make about number chasers is that they can suck a big fat sloppy shiny uncircumsized cock because they lure you into a hellacious pit of neverending despair and doom, never letting you go, forcing you to require a poop bucket. Bastards.

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