Nintendo Is Now Officially Old AF, Time to Celebrate


Nintendo is now 128 years old

Time flies when you’re having fun. Founded September 23, 1889 when a young Japanese entrepreneur named Fusajiro Yamauchi planted the seed of an empire by opening a Hanafuda (flower card) shop called “Nintendo Koppai.”

Hanafuda translates to “flower cards” and they are cards that are used to play many games such as Go-Stop or Koi-Koi:

Complete deck of Hanafuda cards

Even after all these years, Nintendo is still in the market of flower cards. By the 1960’s and 1970’s, the company tried many other business ventures such as a TV network, selling instant rice, and even a chain of “love” hotels. It was also around this time when Nintendo plunged into the toy industry, developing products such as the “Love Tester” which was a novelty device that tried to determine how much two people love each other. The late 70’s brought Nintendo into the video game industry and by 1979 the idea of handheld video game devices was brought to fruition by Gunpei Yokoi, a product developer for the company.

By 1988, Yokoi and the rest of Nintendo’s research and development team gave birth to the Game Boy handheld game system, which eventually became the reason I lost a lot of sleep as a child.

Logically the company dived right into the video game console market and have seen massive success with a variety of game franchises. Flash forward to 2017 and Nintendo is on it’s 9 millionth console (not really) with the Nintendo Switch as the latest one. The latest console hit the market with a bang, offering gamers aims to be “the only device you need for gaming.” In an effort to stay relevant, Nintendo gave people a console with options and versaility. However, there is no doubt that the adaptability of the Switch doesn’t come with a set of comprises to achieve that goal.

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