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ninja streams on twitch again

Ninja Streams on Twitch After 1 Year

It’s been one year since Ninja left twitch and signed an exclusive deal with Mixer, amounting to 30 million dollars. Now that Mixer has fallen, Ninja is free to stream anywhere he likes, and is free to be signed. Lets go over the timeline, shall we?

  • Ninja rose to stardom playing fortnite on twitch.
  • As fortnite grew, Ninja grew.
  • Eventually ninja outgrew just being a streamer and became an icon of the entire industry.
  • In a surprise announcement, Ninja moves to mixer.
  • Twitch gets super butthurt about it, instantly removing Ninja’s partner status and rerouting traffic on his twitch page to other channels.
  • To nobody’s surprise, mixer died and Ninja cashed out $30 million dollars.
  • After a brief hiatus, Ninja makes a surprise appearance on Youtube, breaking livestreaming records. No announcement of a partnership or signing to youtube.
  • After another brief hiatus, Ninja goes live on twitch, reaching over 100k viewers.

Ninja is likely running tests and boasting his high number draw to bait twitch or youtube to sign him to an exclusive contract. Which is smart if you think about it, but twitch and youtube might be done signing personalities at this point.






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