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NieR Automata Resolution Fix (How to Install FAR)

It’s been 6 months and there is no sign from the developer showing even an interest in fixing very well known bugs in the PC release of NieR Automata. As a streamer I was having major resolution and windowless border issues that were making it difficult to put on a good show for my audience, so I found a solution. The solution is a free community made application called FAR (Fix Automata Resolution). If you are having issues with resolution in NieR Automata, you are in major luck.

To get started you will need both a copy NieR Automata for PC and FAR (Fix Automata Resolution):

  1. Download FAR (automated installer version)
  2. Run the installer, select “FAR” (Fix Automata Res.) in the “Select a Product” drop down menu.
  3. Click install.
  4. Run NieR Automata
  5. Press Ctrl + Shift + O to show/hide the OSD menu.
  6. Press Ctrl + Shift + Backspace to show/hide text readout on top left of screen.
  7. In the OSD menu, navigate to various settings to choose your desired effects.
  8. Most changes happen immediately, however some changes require a restart.
  9. When you are happy with your settings simply press Ctrl + Shift + O to close the OSD menu and enjoy your game!

For more in-depth explanations of all the features within FAR please visit this Steam group post, or for a truly extensive guide, visit this steam community post.

  • May 20, 2018

    the link posted is def not legit. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. warned.

  • Steve
    November 30, 2017

    After downloading this, my game became more glitchy and unstable to the point where I can’t start the game up properly. Can I somehow get rid of this download?

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