leaked valorant rnaking system

New Valorant Character, Rank System, Game Mode Leaked

Valorant being such a new and hyped esport, simple things such as new ranking updates, new game modes, and new characters always get a lot of conversation going.

In a reddit post by Mang0eLeaks, he details that the current Act is set to end on August 4th, and a new act is set to run from the 4th to October 13th. New voice lines were found via data mining, suggesting a new engineer based character named agent “Killjoy”. Multiple sound files can be found on his reddit post, including other agents banter, gun sounds, and agent selection.

Mang0e also discovered new Valorant ranks that suggest a new system of leveling up. It appears there is a new form of elo gain and loss, and a way to measure how close you are to the next rank. This data leak comes after it would discovered that the person at Riot who was in charge of the Valorant rank system, has left the company and is being replaced.

A new Valorant game mode “Deathmatch” is a possibility as a string in the code was found to be called “gamemode/deathmatch”. This would be an amazing addition to the game as the normal game can be a bit slow and take around 30 minutes per match. For more casual players, this will be a great way to get some action while saving some time.



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