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networking on twitch

Networking on Twitch

If you made it this far, I commend you. You looked up networking on Twitch, or a headline caught your eye that you wanted to learn more about networking on twitch, or whatever. In any case, you’re looking for insight about networking and I am proud of you. Why? Because people who suck at networking drain the fun out of things and are a total bummer.

Here are a few Do’s and Dont’s when it comes to networking on twitch.


DO: Form genuine relationships with the people that can help you.

The best way to get someone to want to help you, is for them to like you. To get someone to like you, you have to give them time to get to know you. Some people are faster at making an impression than others, however nobody really spends much time helping streamers they don’t actually know. Building relationships is the key to networking.

DO: Become a true part of the communities you wish to benefit from.

When you are actually a member of a community and are known among it’s people, when you ask for help you generally get better results than an outsider. If you wish to benefit from a community, actually being a part of it in the first place is a great way to start. Generally the best way to become a part of a community is to get to know everyone in said community.

DO: Genuinely care about what other streamers are doing before trying to get them to care about what you are doing.

Universally in any market where people hustle from the bottom, the best approach to getting to know people is to make it know that you care about what it is they are doing, before ever mentioning what it is that you are doing. Lets face it. At the beginning, nobody cares about what you are doing more than you do, not even mom. And that is fair and to be expected. You must earn respect and admiration over time. Best place to start is to care and talk about others more than yourself. Them then you. It works, try it.

DO: Say good things about the people you wish to say good things about you.

Shoutouts go both ways! Always keep an eye out for something cool that someone else is doing, and say good things about it! Being acknowledged on a platform where audience is everything, feels great. Say enough good things about others and eventually the gesture will be returned.

DO: Follow the people you want to network with on social media, discord, steam, etc, and genuinely engage them.

Everyone on twitch is trying to build their online personas and brands. Supporting the growth of these avenues with your own follow, subscription, membership, like, retweet, comment, etc, puts your name in front of them more often than others. This is a great way to support someone else while benefiting yourself. Everybody wins.


DON’T: Announce that you are going live in other peoples stream chats.

Whether or not your intentions are malicious or not, this is in very poor taste and smells of desperate soulless self promotion. It’s generally not a good idea to do this, especially if the streamer actually has an audience watching.

DON’T: Offer a follow in exchange for a follow.

This is more of a grey area. Many streamers have found success with follow for follow tactics. However, generally this tactic is poorly received by anyone who genuinely built their audience. Also, follow for follow tactics result in very low engagement from said followers. 99% of anyone who follows your stream via a follow for follow train will never actually become a viewer. Fake inflated numbers with nobody in your chat is what most end up with.

DON’T: Spam your twitch link in as many chats as possible.

Don’t be that guy. This one is so obvious. This has never worked for anyone, and it’s not going to work for you.

DON’T: Beg for promotion.

Begging simply does not work on anyone who has worked hard to build an audience.

DON’T: Expect promotion from donations.

Using a donation to sneak some promotion is one one thing. Having expectations of a streamer to promote you after a donation is another. If you want to advertise, hit them up with a private message and make an agreement.

DON’T: Keep score.

Most importantly, don’t keep score. People who do a favor, and expect one in return, are not liked as much as people who just go around helping when they can, and not having any real expectations as to what they get back in return. Keeping score ruins everything you are trying to do. With that said, don’t let anyone take advantage of your generosity. Having limits is very important.

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