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My first time playing Star Citizen. First impressions.

This past Saturday I finally purchased Star Citizen after being in awe of the promises made since 2013. My purchase was inspired by an article my friend Jon wrote about the game, talking about the value of the game and whether or not it should be purchased by new players.

In the end, Jon advised against people purchasing the game, but my curiosity got the best of me and prompted me to purchase anyways. What followed was a wild adventure…

After some rigorous troubleshooting, I was able to finally get the installer to… install, and then proceed to install the actual game. At this point being a twitch and youtube streamer, I decided to prepare a stream to present my first time playthrough of the game. It was both a disaster and a major success. To elaborate on that statement, it was a disaster because I played like such a noob, I could not even figure out how to open doors, but a major success because I was luckily featured on both twitch and youtube and topped the charts during my 7 hours as the top streamer playing the game. On twitch I was hosted by a popular SC streamer that goes by the name of SGT_Gamble, and on Youtube the algorithm detected my stream as high quality for the subject of SC and began recommending me on peoples youtube front pages. For both of these things to happen simultaneously is outrageously lucky, and I could not write this article without briefly focusing on that fact.

During my first moments in the universe, a player named Freltzo announced publicly in the chat that he is hanging out for a while to help any new players that have any questions. “If you have any questions just throw them up in the chat and I will help”, he says, multiple times. I decided to bite, as I was stuck in a room and could not figure out how to get out. “I’m stuck in a room, how do I get out”. In seconds a player named Freltzo opens the door where I am stuck and lets me out. I stumble around a dirty space city for about a half hour, slowly figuring out my buttons and how to engage the world, when suddenly a player named Freltzo appears in my Discord after a public invitation to all viewers to join and be a part of the stream. The first thing he says “Oh thank god you are in Discord. I can’t watch you stumble around any longer!”.

7 hours pass, and my streams picked up 1000s of viewers, hundreds of subscribers and followers, and my Discord has a full crew of Star Citizen enthusiasts all having a blast in the buggy universe that is Star Citizen. It’s 3 am and I reluctantly shut the show down for the night and say my farewells to many new friends. After a days work I fire the game and stream back up, and sure enough, another feature by youtube and many new viewers join the show, many being invited to the Discord to chat on stream. One individual named Raydon even gave me temporary access to his account with $5,000 worth of ships to check out. Unbelievable!

What I found during my first playthrough of Star Citizen was that the game is a bit convoluted, difficult to navigate, extremely buggy and lacking of stuff to do. However, I also found that this alpha state of a game, holds one of the most friendly and wonderful gaming communities I have ever seen in my 20+ years of internet use. Everyone is super helpful to new players, and many of the community know each other well and play nightly. True dedicated believers of the game and what it strives to be. What I found in Star Citizen, was an unfinished, buggy and ambitious game, with an army of very friendly and supportive players who bring a very warm welcome to the community. What I found is a place that I want to return to. I found a place to be.

  • September 6, 2017

    I bought into the Kick Starter back in 2012 and I haven’t looked back. The game has a lot of potential and continues to make progress. If you are the type who likes to follow development closely and wants to contribute, consider backing. If you are the type who prefers a finished product and a release-ready game, you should probably wait until the game comes out to buy into it.

    All the ships they sell for cash are being used to fund development. Once they go live, the ships will no longer be sold (except perhaps some starter ship packages to pick from when you buy the game). All the ships they offer for development backers will be offered/available in game for in-game currency.

    Even in the alpha state you can have a lot of fun, but if you are easily frustrated with bugs and crashes you should wait until a later release to try the game or it might turn you off from it.

  • mjotto
    September 6, 2017

    For everybody in the misunderstanding that Star Citizen will ever see the light of day, please be aware that Star Citizen by now has turned into a scam and will never see the light of day. There will show up a couple of white knight cultist fanboys trying to convince you that it isn’t, but you can ingnore them. Google for the blogs of Derek Smart and see for yourself. And watch the fanboys show up here to state all kinds of negative things about Derek because they can’t handle the truth.

    • Dsnart
      September 6, 2017

      – FOR everyone who’s wondering where this guy is telling you to look @

      1) Is a man who account got banned because of his violations on the forums.
      2) Keeps Harassing the Game Directors wife. It seems as he has a Pass feelings for her.
      3) Pull his game keys from Users who left Damning reviews on Steam. Google it Line of Defense. He pulled it down from steam.
      4) Tells His DISCORD to go to Reddit and Forums and Create Negative and Toxic Post and Replies during Gamescom.,,, Sounds creditable to me.
      5) Almost every other post he will Cite a ” My Source” or “My Source I could Reveal later” but yet we’re still waiting.

      Here’s a Compile of most of Derek Smart things for yourself to see All “Archived”


      ** As a long time lurker in their Discord and Forums, almost 2 years now I think I can safely Put these out here.


      You can see Mjotto reaction which kinda tells you about this kind of Echo Chamber they have cultivated.

  • The First Comment
    September 6, 2017

    Great article and welcome to the wonderful (and buggy) universe of Star Citizen. We’re all anxiously awaiting 3.0, which will bring much more depth to the game. An important thing to keep in mind is, that most of the code and foundations for this game are 100% completely custom. New tech has been developed for it and naturally new code. Ambition in spades! Look forward to seeing you in The Verse! Feel free to add me and we’ll fly sometime. TheShadowWalker, with and without the spaces should point directly to me. Best of luck!

  • Dsnart
    September 5, 2017

    To any New Comers Looking @ Star Citizen. Since GameCom and Group of People are being directed to Make Toxic Negative Post/Comments on The Official Forums and Reddit.

    MINUS the problem this writer had with the launcher problem due to some Hardware/Software (firewall, antivirus Conflicting likely) This piece here is pretty damn accurate account of Most first timer play through.

    ___ I would like to Lead any Newcomers here to the Offical Star Citizen Youtube. Where daily they put out behind the scenes and some extra’s on what’s go on with the game… So you yourself can educate yourself about what is what.


    – **AROUND THE VERSE:** A series on Behind the development. A basic All-rounded type vid (if time is short atleast watch these. )

    – **BugSmashers**: A Usually quick showcase of one of the blocking Bugs and how it was fixed.

    – **Citizen of the Stars:** A Showcase of Citizen’s (fans.backers ect) videos, special creations and things along those lines.

    – **Lore Makers Guide to the Galaxy:** All things Lore. Planets, systems, races ect.

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