The MOTHER Logo is the Famous “Blue Marble” Image Rotated 180°


This came to me as a surprise. It’s small details like this that cause you to love something more than you already did. Planet Earth, is MOTHER. Think about that for a moment…

The planet is actually based on the famous “Blue Marble” photograph taken during the Apollo 17 mission.

We’ve all seen this very famous and existential thought provoking image:

blue marble earthbound mother

When you rotate that image 180°:

And then make it black and white:

blue marble upside down black and white

With some filter effects you can achieve:

And that’s that. A simple useless fact to brighten up your day! <3

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  • BatBlaster1

    May 5, 2018

    Am I a bit late at saying this but I read the photo was TAKEN South-Up in the first place. NASA published it North Up because everyone is used to seeing it that way. Also wasn’t the title screen music for the Famicom/NES game “Mother Earth” or something?


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