Mother 4 (Earthbound 3) is Coming…


Who knows if Nintendo will ever make a true sequel to Earthbound on modern day systems with Ness and crew, but at least they made Mother 3 (Technically Earthbound 2 for GBA), and now a fan made sequel to Mother 3 is being made, appropriately named, Mother 4.  The project has been under development for quite some time now, and is, as it seems, nearing completion. The fan dev crew is a group of nameless volunteers on the internet who hope to not be sued or have their work taken away by Nintendo, Inc.

Mother 4 is a traditional RPG set in an idealized vintage America, following the adventures of a young boy and the leader of a biker gang. The game is being made from scratch with original music, art, story, game engine. When eventually released, Mother 4 will be completely free and play on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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