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Mobile Review – Linear Quest (Beta)


It is currently 5:34 AM, and I have just put down Linear Quest (Beta).

Returning to reality, my mind is full of comments, exhaustion, and the urge to use duct tape to solve an altercation I am having with a very loud cat.

Let’s start things relatively simple. Would I recommend this pixel art 2D sidescroller with a stunningly honest title?

Situationally, yes. As with any game ever created in the history of games, not everyone will enjoy it.

To be stunningly honest myself, I would really only recommend this to someone who is either in between mobile RPGs right now, or to someone who likes grinding. A lot.

Is it memorable? No. I’ll most likely forget about it come the middle of June.

Is it fun? Yeah, I had a decent amount of fun with it.

Did I have issues with it? First, let’s talk more about what Linear Quest (Beta) actually is.

*Due to the nature of betas, all elements of Linear Quest are subject to change.

Linear Quest (Beta) is a free-to-play pixel art 2D sidescrolling RPG that currently boasts 11 different difficult bosses, ranging from a rock golem to a giant feral Santa Claus.


Ho Ho Holy shit.

And by “difficult”, I mean they’ll dodge your attacks like a parkour artist hopped up on amphetamines.

As a result, Dexterity is the friendliest stat in this game. If you say “Nah, I’ll go Strength only”, you’ll most likely see more misses than a female-only high school, and I’ll decide whether or not I’m going to keep that joke in the article because it’s really not that good.

If you’ve ever played, seen, heard of, or breathed in the general direction of an RPG, you can probably figure out how levelling up works.

Every level up gives you three stat points and a skill point. You can allocate stat points into Strength (increases damage), Vitality (increases health and physical defense), Intelligence (increases MP and magic attack), Dexterity (increases accuracy), Agility (increases flee speed and, every few points, attack speed), and Luck (every two points increases crit by 1. May have some “invisible” effects as well).

Skill points, as one would think, are used to unlock or increase the power of skills. When you start in Linear Quest, you only have three skills to choose from, and they are all passive skills. One increases the damage of your basic attacks, the second skill increases the damage of magic, and the third skill increases your maximum HP and MP.

As you level up some skills, more skills will unlock. As you increase certain stats, even more skills will unlock.

It’s all pretty basic RPG stuff.

The bosses are very difficult. I honestly would not have been able to defeat some of them if I didn’t have a skill that poisoned them. Even after several hours, I didn’t get close to beating all 11 bosses. Which is completely understandable, because it’s a beta with limited content. Gotta make it last.

That said, I’ve found a few interesting things in the game.


Such as this rare picture of Obama in his natural form.

A Christmas themed level, a giant gumball machine that gives you random gear in exchange for crystals that you get for choosing to watch ads, and an optional online mode where you can see other people, speak to them and give them gear.

Needless to say, I was running around giving equipment out like Santa, but without all the breaking and entering. It was a good time.

I enjoyed this game for the time that I played it. Is it really good? No. Is it worth your time? Possibly.

For those of you who only care about arbitrary ratings, I would give Linear Quest (Beta):

6 out of 10 stars.

The game achieves what it set out to do. It’s a game where you bump into enemies for seven hours and desperately try to find the one skill that will save you from being covered in the next boss’s love chowder. I respect honesty in games.

But the occasional bugs, the lack of content, and the fact that two-thirds of the screen is taken up by the UI are a few of the reasons for my very average score for this very average game.

23 years old. Connoisseur of mobile games. Lives entirely off of heavily seasoned rice and coffee.

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