Mixer Shuts Down Today / Shroud Announcement

Today, sadly, is Mixer’s last day before it shuts down. A month ago we learned of the untimely demise of the Mixer livestreaming platform. Mixer had garnered much discussion about the platform and sparked the streaming wars after signing exclusive deals with streaming juggernauts Shroud, Ninja and other high profile streamers from twitch. However time has shown us that simply purchasing the big talent is not enough to compete in this space, as we have talked about before.

Many have been eagerly awaiting news on what Shroud and Ninja are going to do once Mixer is gone, Shroud staying very silent beyond an initial statement, and Ninja out of the blue testing a stream on YouTube and setting some very interesting records.


With that said, we have discovered that Shroud has hinted at a big announcement today via his girlfriends twitch stream, hitting over 48,000 views at the time of writing. One can only speculate on what that announcement could be, but its very likely it will be a statement regarding where we will be finding his content going forward. In the past Shroud has stated that if he were to leave mixer, he would likely move back to twitch. But with the way twitch has handled massive departures in the past, and with the mysterious circumstances surrounding the DrDisrespect ban, we just can’t be so sure.

It definitely sounds like Shroud planned on using his girlfriends twitch stream to get the announcement of the announcement out, causing a massive clip frenzy from viewers. It’s incredible the massive influence these larger than life personalities have, even through a simple statement from the background of someone else’s platform.

Mixer streamers were not told as early as Shroud and Ninja etc, only having a month to plan their next moves, and today we have a pretty good idea of where everyone is mostly going, and its not facebook gaming. Facebook gaming paid a lot of money to swallow up what remains of mixer, only to have the creators bail and move to competing platforms such as twitch and youtube, who don’t have to pay to acquire all these creators and personalities. Big win for twitch and youtube! As a streamer myself, I can’t say I am personally surprised, as Youtube and Twitch are much more popular with gamers, and have much stronger communities. It’s also interesting how Shroud and Ninja reportedly turned down $60,000,000 deals to just cash out their original contracts.

Although it is sad that thousands of people losing their jobs, many of these people do have streaming/gaming industry experience on their resume, allowing their experiences with mixer not to go to waste. The world continues and the livestreaming industry moves forward, always changing and evolving in the most interesting ways.



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