The Game Rebel Network is a growing team of twitch streamers helping each other grow and build lasting communities.

Being a member of the team comes with many benefits:


Going it alone in the world of twitch is tough. Never eat alone. There are many of us in the network and we take care of each other.

Game Rebel Radio License

Access to thousands of licensed independent music tracks from Game Rebel Radio and it’s library . Never have muted vods again! Let us do the licensing for you. Use our radio player, or simply create your own playlists.

Stream Team Catalog

Be listed on our website when you go live, and earn karma when you chat on other streams within the network.


Learn from those who can teach. Improve your stream, your brand, and yourself.

Technical Support

Many of us on the team have already been through it. Spend less time aimlessly googling and more time solving problems.

Promotion and Events

Streamers on the team are always getting involved in promotional events that you are welcome to join along in to help get your name out there. If you have an idea for an event that will create great content let people know!


Like many entertainment spheres, who you know is very important. Joining a group of already connected streamers is a great way to get started. Many of the streamers in the network have great things already going on that you can get yourself involved in.


Whenever sponsorship opportunities for streamers pop up they are quickly shared among the group. Big or small, sponsorships are important to be aware of and sometimes you only hear of them through the people around you.

Joining the Stream Team

  1. All twitch streamers are welcome to join
  2. Fill out the Stream Team Application
  3. Join the Game Rebel Discord, reach Level 3 by chatting
  4. Speak with PapaStanimus in the Discord to acquire the Stream Team Role
  5. Once you have the Stream Team Role you will see a discord channel called #stream-linker
  6. In #stream-linker connect your twitch stream by typing !link yourtwitchusername


  • Place Game Rebel Logo in twitch panel under stream
  • Mingle with others in the community
  • Start making dope content with other talented creators
game rebel wallpaper