John Romero After 21 Years Released a New Original Doom Map


John Romero is one of the godfathers of gaming, more specifically, the FPS genre. He programmed the original DOOM which released in 1993, and became a game developer god. 21 years later, John decided to create a new original DOOM map just for fun. Everyone has been going nuts so I decided to try it out.

However, to get this new map to work I had to do a bit of research on the matter. Here is what you need:

  • Legit copy of the original DOOM. Can be found on Steam as The Ultimate Doom.
  • ZDoom (3rd party software).
  • 7Zip (or any other unzipping software).
  • John’s new map “E1M8“.

Step 1: Install The Ultimate Doom

Step 2: Download ZDoom and extract files to desktop or wherever you want to put them.

Step 3: Download John Romero’s new map “E1M8” and extract into ZDoom file system.

Step 4: Run ZDoom exe and select The Ultimate Doom from run list.

Step 5: Press ~ and type “MAP E1M8”.

Step 6: Enjoy dying A LOT!


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