How to Install Brutal Doom with Multiplayer

This is a step by step guide explaining how to install Brutal Doom with multiplayer.

  1. Install Zandronum 2.1.2: https://zandronum.com/download
  2. Find the dir that you installed it too and drop the brutalv20.pk3 into the mods folder. If there is no mods folder, make one.
  3. Drop the game wads in the wad folder. If you have the game installed on Steam, Zandronum should automatically find them, if not, drop ’em in the folder.
  4. Open the folder in the main dir called DoomSeeker.
  5. Now we need to configure Doomseeker to run Zandronum, double click doomseeker.exe and you will be met by this screen.
  6. Click Options/Configure.
  7. Select engines and type the path to your Zandronum installation in the “Path to exe” part.
  8. Apply your changes and close preferences.
  9. To start a game, choose from one of the listed servers…If you are missing any wads for that server, Doomseeker will automagically download them for you.
  10. To start your own multiplayer server, click file, create game.
  11. Choose which engine to use, Zandronum should be listed and under additional wads make sure Brutal Doom is showing in there by adding the pk3 at the bottom…Also select which version of Doom you would like to run (ie. Ultimate Doom / Doom 2).
  12. IMPORTANT. If hosting your own server you will have to forward ports 10666 to 10700.
  13. Click “start server” and get ripping and tearing!

FOR SINGLE PLAYER – Just drag the brutalv20.pk3 onto the Zandronum.exe, then choose which Doom game you want to play.

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