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Inktober: Oct 4 – Venom

Venom’s bad, Venom’s bad. Venom’s bad whenever he can. He wants to fight, Spiderman. But will he win, or be slammed. Heyoooooo, Venom’s bad.

For whatever reason Venom has always been one of my fascinations as a character. I grew up with the 90’s Spiderman animated series, and loved Venom in that, as well as had a short novel called The Venom Factor which had a few pictures in it. I thought that was the coolest. Also, a few flaws aside, it’s totally worth playing Spiderman: Web of Shadows if you can. It’s a great superhero game!

INKtober is a drawing challenge to do an ink drawing every day for the month of October as motivator to improve one’s technique in the art of inking and encourage drawing habits.

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