I want to solve the music copyright problem on twitch

The Problem

The music apocalypse has come to twitch and we want to solve it. For years streamers have had the luxury of playing pretty much whatever music they want on twitch without penalty, but the record labels have finally figured it out and are causing quite a bit of havoc. Streamers are panicking in fear of having their channels deleted. Most streamers do not know how to get access to large amounts of music without compromise, and most streamers do not know how to acquire a music license. I hope to solve this problem.

Examples of music copyright issues:

The Solution

It’s pretty simple actually. You see, much like streamers are looking to be seen, independent musicians just want to be heard. In my experience working with bands over the years, they happily submit their music to internet radio stations all over the web with the intent of gaining exposure to their art. Much like the saturated market that is streaming, there is a lot of noise in the independent music scene. We need to connect them.

If there existed a platform that musicians could submit their music for twitch streamers to use, copyright free, then gone would be the days of copyright strikes, muted vods, and people using music without permission. This platform would need to meet the needs of streamers wanting to solve their copyright issues on twitch, and the needs of musicians getting their music in more ears. Currently I have several thousand tracks licensed to be played on twitch for my personal use, but I would like to expand for everyone.

The Meat and Potatoes

  • How this whole thing is going to work.
    • Musicians sign up to submit their music to be played on Game Rebel powered streams.
    • Streamers sign up to become a Game Rebel powered stream.
  • How streamers will use this.
    • Streamers will be able to sign up using their twitch / youtube account / email and log in to a streamer dashboard.
    • Streamers will able to navigate the music catalog and add songs they like to their own custom playlists.
    • Streamers can set playlists to public or private.
    • Playlists can have followers, which allow others to use those same playlists.
    • Streamers will have access to tools that integrate into their OBS / Streamlabs OBS software.
      • Now playing visual with toggles: Show credit at beginning of song to fade. Show credit at end of song to fade. Show credit for entire duration of song. etc etc.
    • Streamers will be able to flag songs that are causing copyright issues, so mods can take a look and remove if there is a verified problem
  • How musicians will use this.
    • Musicians can log in using twitch / youtube / email and access a musician dashboard.
    • Musicians will be able to submit songs individually to be played on twitch.
    • When submitting a song musicians have to select genres from our list and “vibes” to label their music.
    • Musicians will have analytics displaying which streams are currently playing their music, which streams have already played their music, and how many listeners have heard the music via twitch streams.
    • Musicians will be able to make a profile page showing off their music and talking a little about themselves, and linking to wherever they need to online.

My history

Game Rebel Radio was started in 2018 as a solution to my personal issues with copyright on twitch. I had a history working with musicians with a previous startup called Radio Rebel, and knew that I could easily gain permission from tons of independent musicians to play their music, as long as I gave them credit for it. I found a technical solution to storing all the music, created a way for musicians to submit, and then put myself out there. Immediately I began receiving music submissions. I created a sorting system and started reviewing each submitted track. Over time I have licensed thousands of tracks, verifying that musicians indeed would love to have their music played on twitch.

Radio Rebel was a Colorado music startup founded in 2013, which began as an internet radio station for local independent music, and eventually became an online marketplace for musicians to sell music. During this experience I had to pleasure of working and communicating with over 10,000 bands and artists, many of which I maintain close friendships with to this day.

In 2016 I curiously checked out the ability to stream live from my PS4 and I have been hooked ever since. I streamed on and off for a couple years and in 2018 after the sale of my company, decided to go all in and try to become a full time streamer. In mid 2018 I achieved that goal and have continued to grow and expand myself as a community, tournament, and custom games streamer. At the time of writing this I have just under 2 million views on twitch and over 16,000 followers.

What we need

We need to build a team of excellent developers who can make this platform a reality. We have all the people ready to register, we just need a platform for them to utilize. I am writing today in hopes of reaching people who can get involved and help me build this awesome solution to a shitty problem.

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