I present to the world, Buckycarbon!


Game Rebel has been many things in the past. A professional gaming clan and community, video game news outlet, youtube channel and more. For the past couple years it has hibernated awaiting it’s next incarnation.

About a year ago I met a very talented artist named Jesse in the Pixel Radio community on Grooveshark (RIP GS). He shared with me many of his art pieces detailing his favorite video game characters, and I shared with him my music and entrepreneurial projects. We hit it off pretty well, however Jesse had a very serious problem. He did not take criticism of his art from anonymous internet people very well. Being the exact opposite, I made it my mission to help Jesse not give a shit what a few internet douchers say about his art, and to post up his masterful art for the world to see. In time Jesse found the strength to post his artwork online and received great reception.

Today we start a new journey. Together, Bucky (Jesse) and I are teaming up to bring to you the greatest artwork, music, current events, and beyond from the realm of gaming through Game Rebel. Stay tuned for great artwork from Bucky and gaming media from myself!

Here is the art piece Bucky drew up one day while we were talking and got me to notice his talent.

Metroid Fusion by Buckycarbon

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