Hyper Dragon Ball Z – The Free Hyper-Responsive 2D DBZ Fighting Game for PC


I just got done trying out Hyper Dragon Ball Z Champ’s Build, a free 2D fighting game developed by Team72. Quite frankly, it’s the best 2D DBZ fighting game ever made. Even better than professionally developed Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden for the 3DS. Far, far better, actually. True love for both fighting games and the DB franchise were pumped into the development of this phenomenal fighting game. For those who grew up playing 2D fighters and enjoying DBZ, this game is a true treat.

Hyper DBZ CHAMP’S BUILD download links:

North American server:

European server:

South American server:

To set up, simply download the .rar file, extract where you want the game files, then run the .exe. You can play using your keyboard or controller.


Install tut/gameplay:


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