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How to Unlock Dragon Ball Z Kakarot FPS

Unlocking the FPS in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is incredibly simple to do. When Dragon Ball Z Kakarot released on PC gamers were upset when they discovered the game is capped at 60 FPS. It seems like it’s a common occurance for console games being ported to PC being locked at 60 FPS, and modders having to create solutions for the community.

To pull this off you simply need to follow these steps:

  • Download a program called Cheat Engine. This allows you to access the programming of a game while its running and change values. It’s completely safe and the devs behind Cheat Engine are absolute life savers. Very neat tool.
  • Once Cheat Engine is downloaded, install to your computer.
  • Download this Cheat Engine config file. This automatically puts in a special code into Cheat Engine to make the FPS unlock in the game.
  • Now run Dragon Ball Z Kakarot and load your save file.
  • Run the Cheat Engine config file. This should open up Cheat Engine for you and have the t.MaxFPS cheat table preloaded.
  • At the top left you will see an icon that look like a PC. Click that, and find “AT-Win64-Shipping.exe”. Select it and click Open.
  • Cheat Engine will ask if you want to “Keep the current address list/code list?”. Say Yes.
  • There is a check box next to t.MaxFPS. Click it. An X should appear. That means its selected.
  • By default this value is set to 60. In the Value field, change from 60 to your desired FPS.
  • That’s it! Your game should now be at your desired FPS. If it is not working, make sure your ingame resolution is to 100 or lower (not at 200).

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