How to set up sound effects for subscribers on twitch (Callsigns)

Setting up subscriber sound effects (callsigns) is a great nod to your top supporters and is very easy to pull off, especially once you have your workflow established. Any reason we can give our subscribers to remain subscribed we should pursue, right?

Creating twitch bot / installing Streamlabs Chatbot

  1. Create new twitch account specific for your new bot.
  2. Download and install Streamlabs Chatbot (previously known as Ankhbot)
  3. At the bottom right of Streamlabs Chatbot, select the connections icon and connect bot your Streamer account and Bot account. You will need to authorize the accounts.

streamlabs chatbot

Creating .mp3 sound effects

  1. Download and install free audio editing software Audacity.
  2. Use free youtube to mp3 ripping website such as ytmp3 to download audio(beware of gnarly ads, use an adblocker like uBlock Origin).
  3. Use Audacity to cut audio to cut sound effect to desired cut.
  4. Export as .mp3 from audacity to desired folder location on your PC.

audacity download

audacity editing

download youtube mp3

Adding Audio to Streamlabs Chatbot

  1. In Streamlabs Chatbot, open up the Sound Files tab.
  2. Click the “add” button at the top right. It is shaped like a +.
  3. Create a memorable name for your sound file.
  4. Set desired vote.
  5. Set desired volume.
  6. Add to a new group called “Callsigns”.
  7. Select the desired audio file and hit submit.

streamlabs audio tutorial

Adding Callsign Command to Streamlabs Chatbot

  1. Open the “Commands” tab in Streamlabs Chatbot.
  2. Click the “add” button at the top right. It is shaped like a +.
  3. Create a relevant command such as !callsignname
  4. Set a command cost.
  5. Set usage to “Stream Chat”.
  6. Add to a new group called “Callsigns”.
  7. Set permission to “Subscriber”.
  8. Set response. Example: $user has summoned “Callsign Owner Name” $count times!
  9. Select previously uploaded sound file and hit submit.

streamlabs command tutorial

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